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There is a high level of under-reporting of crime and anti-social behaviour in Brixton which means the area is not receiving the help it needs. Police and council resources are allocated according to the amount of reporting that happens. The more you report, the more likely we are to make a difference.

If you see a crime or anti-social behaviour, you can report it to the police

Report online

The police online crime reporting service is one of the easiest and quickest ways to report anti-social behaviour, especially if it is drug-related or if your feel threatened or intimidated. Click here to visit site

Call 101

To report a crime or anti-social behaviour that does not need an emergency response.

Call 999

For emergencies that require immediate assistance.

Contact Crimestoppers if you want to remain anonymous

Call 0800 555 111 or complete the online form: click here to visit site

You can also report it to the Lambeth Council

Report online

Lambeth has a dedicated section on their website to report anti-social behaviour. This is if you want to report things like noise, fighting, intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse, inconsiderate driving (including e-bikes/scooters), dumping rubbish, animal nuisance and vandalism. Click here to visit site

Call Lambeth

You can call 020 7926 5000 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

If you see someone sleeping rough

Contact StreetLink

Contact StreetLink – an organisation that connects people who are sleeping rough with local services that can help them. Click here to visit site

For anything in the street that is broken, dirty, damaged or dumped, and needs fixing, cleaning or clearing, like flytipping, graffiti, dog fouling or broken street lights

Contact Lambeth Council Waste Service

Contact Lambeth to report issues about street cleaning for things like flytipping, litter and dog fouling. Click here to visit site

Contact Lambeth to request the removal of graffiti or flyposting.  Click here to visit site

Fix My Street

Fix My Street is a charity run website that we’ve found effective and easy to use. It does all the hard work for you and figures out who to send the report to at the council. Lambeth will respond directly back to you. We’ve found it especially good for getting flytipped rubbish removed. Click here to visit site


Remember, the more we report, the more likely we get more help and resources dedicated to Brixton.

Keeping in touch with your local police team

If you would like to talk with someone directly on your local police team to understand how crime and antisocial behaviour is being dealt with in your area and to follow up on reports you’ve made to the police, contact your police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT). Your SNT will be made up of police teams who are dedicated to your area. Their role is to work with the community to identify priority areas for policing that matter most to local residents. SNTs will hold regular community meetings where you can voice your concerns and understand what’s happening with policing on your doorstep. There is a dedicated SNT for each Brixton ward. If you are unsure which ward you live in, you can find out by entering your postcode and clicking on ‘Go’ at this link here. You can contact your SNT at the relevant email below with your concerns or to ask for more information about one of their community meetings. Please note that these emails will not be responded to immediately so it is important that you still report antisocial behaviour and crime through one of the other ways above.

Essential information when reporting ASB to the council or police

To effectively investigate ASB complaints, it is imperative that the police or council gather specific information. This is not only crucial for obtaining legal evidence but also for taking potential actions towards resolution.

  • Who – a description of the individual/s involved in the ASB, the better the description the more likely they will be identified.
  • What – a detailed description of the ASB you witnessed.
  • When – accurate details of the date, and the time you witnessed the ASB.
  • Where – accurate details of where you were and where you witnessed the ASB.
  • Why – a brief description of why the ASB you witnessed caused you harassment, alarm or distress.
  • Your details – reporting ASB can be worrying, however you will need to be contacted in the first instance for an investigation to be opened, for the details of the report/complaint to be confirmed and to possibly assist with any further investigation.

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